Black Creek crests, leaves Dantzler community struggling

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A week after Hurricane Isaac ripped through Mississippi, flood waters in what is widely considered to be one of the Pine Belt's most vulnerable areas are still receding.

Residents living in the approximately 90 homes situated along the Black Creek water system - most of which are within feet of the creek -evacuated in the days after Isaac hit. Flood waters were expected to peak on Thursday and Friday and - in a very rare move - most Creek residents sought higher ground.

"There wasn't nobody down here after the search and rescue people," said Dantzler Camp resident Mike Collier who stayed with a friend and volunteered to patrol for the local fire department.

Many of the roads flooded and many residents are just returning to their homes this week to the worst flooding the area has seen, residents say, in decades.

"We've been here for almost twenty years and it's never ever been like that before," said long-time resident Donna King. "Ever."

"I've been here for over twenty years and it's never got actually above the banks," said Collier. "But this time it came quick."

The water in the Black Creek crested at 26.5 feet - usually at a water level of five feet - Friday.

"Probably not a house out here the didn't receive damage of some kind," estimated Collier as he counted off neighbors he knew who had inches of water in their homes.

One smaller creek that feeds into the Black Creek overflowed and dragged random pieces of the neighbor into the water as it receded, leaving everything from shoes to sinks to bicycles littering the creek bed.

"Well, it's all replaceable, but it still hurts you know," said Collier. "I mean you know, you trying to do it all yourself. And it takes a lot of time."

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