Hattiesburg City Council tables vote for new city budget

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - During the Hattiesburg City Council Meeting Tuesday evening, council members voted to table  the vote to approve the 2013 budget. Hattiesburg City Council President Kim Bradley says it had to do with following state code.

"There was a change in the code, and the change dealt with this public hearing that we have about the budget," said Bradley.

The state code Bradley is referring to is a code requiring municipalities to hold at least one public hearing so residents will have the chance to comment on taxes and spending plans. It also requires the public hearing to be at least one week prior to the adoption of the budget with advance notice. City leaders say they followed the code, but missed a change in regards to the pubic hearing.

"It had to take place after hours. We held our meeting at four o'clock on a Tuesday where the meeting had to take place after five," said Bradley.

Bradley says the council simply made an honest mistake.

"It was very simple. It was an oversight on our part on interpreting what the new code said. So, rather than do it and ask for forgiveness later, we are going to just go ahead and do it right," said Bradley.

Now, to be in line with the code, a new budget hearing. Scheduled for September 17 at 5:30 p.m. , and one week later a special called meeting to adopt the 2013 budget.