Lake Serene dam damaged during Isaac

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A Lake Serene dam suffered damage as the result of Tropical Storm Isaac.

Lamar County Officials say a portion of the dam on Buccaneer Drive that separates lakes five and six is sliding which could cause flooding for residents downstream. The sliding is also causing cracks on the roadway.

They say there is no immediate danger, but they are taking precautionary measures by closing the road until they can get the pressure off the dam.

Monday they opened the valve on the lake to release some of the water into an adjoining lake. and are bringing in additional pumps to assist in the process.

"It could have a catastrophic failure in the worse case scenario, we're not anticipating that at all, but it could happen," said James Smith, Lamar County Emergency Management Director. "We went ahead and notified the people downstream we do have a problem."

Officials are warning drivers not to attempt to drive over the dam until the problem is fixed and the road is re-opened.

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