Mississippi flooded with trucks

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Now that some roads have cleared, the American Red Cross trucks are loaded and ready to go.

Filled with hot meals and clean-up supplies, eighty-five trucks traveled all throughout Mississippi Saturday. While there are still areas that are flooded, the American Red Cross distributed to areas that were previously blocked by floods and were affected by Hurricane Isaac.

"Forty-eight hours after landfall of Isaac, were just, Red Cross is just now able to get into some areas which previously were inaccessible," says American Red Cross spokesperson, Kevin Titus. "We have a number of mobile trucks that are going out, loaded up with supplies. They load up here at the warehouse and go out right to the affected areas to people that need them."

All supplies distributed by the American Red Cross come from generous financial donations from people all around the country.

American Red Cross has its largest supply warehouse located in Forrest County. For more information on American Red Cross click HERE.