Brooklyn residents deal with Isaac aftermath

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Brooklyn residents woke up Friday morning to water from the Black Creek flooding into their homes. Emergency Management officials say, Black Creek rose from five feet, before Isaac to about 26.5 feet.

Rising waters flooded many roads in the community, and affected more than 60 homes. But residents aren't panicking. Some walked along Old Highway 49, capturing the swollen creek, and staring in disbelief.

One home looked more like and island, but the family seemed to take it all in stride.

One resident, Lobo Three Flathers, says he has lived in Brooklyn for four years. Flathers says last night he had no water in his yard, and now it reaches his neck.

"It just keeps inching and inching and inching, up to where you see it now," said Flathers.

Flathers and his wheelchair-bound uncle don't plan to leave their home, but other residents don't trust the rising creek.

"Last night we had some that decided that they wanted to leave, but they were not able to," said Emergency Management Operation Officer, Kyle Hopkins.

Hopkins says authorities went out in boats evacuating those who chose to leave their homes.

"Make sure they understand they are not in immediate danger, but if they felt uncomfortable with the situation they were in we were going to give them the opportunity to get out," said Hopkins.

Hopkins says seven people left their homes so far.

The National Weather Service said via Twitter at around 3 p.m. Friday: "Black Creek has crested near Camp Dantzler, expected to crest near Brooklyn over the next several hours. - Serious flooding along Black Creek! We are now forecasting the second highest crest on record at Brooklyn in Forrest County."