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WDAM Viewpoint- Preparedness pays off

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Preparedness pays off.  In many ways much of the Pine Belt dodged a bullet with Hurricane Isaac.  It could have been stronger…but what it lacked in wind strength, it has made up for in longevity and the copious amounts of rainfall that have flooded many of the areas it has hit.  Even the outward feeder bands have brought unusually large rainfall to areas well outside the storm itself.  The Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans saw tremendous flooding conditions and more is yet to come as rivers and streams overflow their usual banks and flood plains.  So far however, we have seen outstanding examples of preparedness on the parts of the residents and the first responders.  Government money and efforts to shore up levees and drainage areas—especially in Louisiana—seem to have been well spent…unlike times past.  But even as Isaac moves on…there will be issues and conditions left in her wake.  We urge people to continue to be vigilant and to help each other when situations call for it.  I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's Viewpoint.  Let us hear from you.