Lamar County residents inconvenienced by road flooding

A sign marks the closing of H. Thompson Road in Lamar County Thursday morning.
A sign marks the closing of H. Thompson Road in Lamar County Thursday morning.
Sumrall High School Football Field
Sumrall High School Football Field

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Many Lamar County residents had to either remain home or find new routes to work this morning as they awoke to find dozens of county roads flooded due to heavy rains from what remained of Hurricane Isaac. Lamar County Emergency Management Executive Director James Smith said nearly 80 roads were flooded because of 10.5 inches of rain brought by Isaac.

He said one home was also damaged by a falling tree during the storm.

Smith said no one was injured. He also said some of the roads that were covered with water were washed out.

"They (National Weather Service) were telling us at one time 15-plus inches, so we got 10.5 inches, it's what the numbers are here at the Emergency Operations Center," Smith said. "So, we got below the expected amount and we just have to deal with the aftermath of it. It's just a scenario of a slow-moving, tropical system," said Smith.

The floodwaters also flowed into City Hall in Sumrall.  Mayor Gerolene Rayborn said about three inches of water poured into the building, causing upwards of $10,000 in damage.

Rayborn and other city employees spent the morning cleaning up.

"We came on down here and the sandbags didn't do any good," Rayborn said. "It came right on in. And as soon as we could, as soon as it became daylight, we started sweeping it out and here we are," she said.

Rayborn said it's the first time City Hall has been flooded since she's been mayor.

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