Isaac evacuees weather the storm at Forrest County shelter

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - "I feel like I'm reliving a nightmare," said Grace Divine, Saint Bernard Parish, La resident.

Divine says she can't believe that on the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina she living through another hurricane.

"Where I am from we had 32 foot of water at our home. So, I'm kind of looking at this like it may be the same thing again," said Divine.

Divine says memories of Katrina linger, so she headed to the Forrest County Community Shelter as soon as the could on Monday.

"Packing up everything. Grabbing the pets, grabbing the kids and kissing everything goodbye," said Divine.

Divine says she hopes to be home by Friday, but can only hope the aftermath of Isaac is nothing like Katrina.

"I'm kind of looking at this now worried that it might be the same thing again," said Divine.

After Katrina flooded World War Two Veteran Warren Schmitt's mobile home, he wasn't sure if he could ride out the storm there, so he drove himself up from New Orleans Monday afternoon.

"In my 91 years this is the first time I've had to come to a shelter,"said Schmitt.

During Katrina's aftermath, Schmitt says he stayed with his daughter in Atlanta, and he couldn't go home for six months. Schmitt says he's keeping an eye on Isaac with the help of his daughter.

"She works for the Weather Channel. She has been updating me on the storm on my cell phone," said Schmitt.

Schmitt can't be sure what is waiting for him when he goes home, but he is confident he can handle it.

"I'm self-sufficient. I bring my own supplies. I take care of myself, in fact, at 91 I'm still a blood donor," said Schmitt.