Lamar County Community Shelter is ready for evacuees

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Lamar County Community Shelter is open and ready for evacuees.

But as of Tuesday morning the shelter was completely empty; however outside the shelter a couple of residents from Poplarville and Pass Christian set up campers ready to ride out Isaac.

Lamar County Emergency Management Agency Director James Smith says it is better to be safe than sorry. He says the shelter is ready, and he believes the shelter will fill up by Tuesday evening. Smith says it is important to note that the shelter is not a special needs shelter, and right now there are no cots available.

"They will need to bring their medications of course," said Smith. "It is not meant for cots at this point. We are just trying to give people a safe place to go during the storm, during the height of it, and then if the need arises, and we have to make it a long term shelter we can bring out the cots then, and make it more comfortable for people."

Smith says the shelter does not have a pet facility, but there is a barn next to the shelter where pets can be house in their crates.

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