Forrest County shelter begins to fill

The Forrest County emergency shelter opened up at 5 p.m. Monday.

The shelter is staffed by staff and volunteers from the American Red Cross with assistance from the Salvation Army and the Department of Human Services.

About 40 people spent their first night at the shelter Monday. By mid-morning Tuesday that number was up to about 75.  The shelter is capable of accommodating about 260-people.

Most of the people currently at the shelter are from the local area, with a few from the coastal region.

Anyone headed to the shelter should make some preparations prior to arriving.

"Please bring any medications that you may be on. Bring toys for your children, diapers, and baby food if you have infants," said Babs Faulk, Shelter Manager. "Bring blankets, a change of clothes, and your tooth brushes. We have limited supplies and we do the best we can. Any of your comfort items, bring them with you."

Staff from the Southern Pines Animal Shelter are caring for pets that arrive with their owners in a separate building.

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