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Using portable generators safely

The Southern Pine Electric Power Association is warning that caution should be taken when using portable generators to power your home in the event of power loss.

Here are several safety tips on generator use that should be followed.

Prior to starting the generator always check the oil. Never start the generator inside the home. Never odd fuel or oil while it is running. Always start it first prior to connecting any extension cords. Be sure the generator has ample capacity to supply power for lighting, appliances, and other equipment. Check the UL rating of your extension cords, as overheating can cause a fire.

SPEPA Safety Coordinator Larry Blakeney says portable generators should not be connected to your home electrical system without a transfer switch

"If these are hooked up directly into your electrical system without a transfer switch you put our employees at danger," said Blakeney. "This will cause back feeding through the line."

Blakeney adds that you should have a fully charged fire extinguisher nearby.

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