Hattiesburg Urban Development Director discusses new codes

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The city of Hattiesburg is ready to roll full steam ahead by updating the city's more than 20-year-old land development code.

According to Urban Development Director Patti Brantley, the code has to change to allow the plan of the city's 2008 to 2028 Comprehensive Plan to begin. The city's Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2008, will eventually enhance the city's livability through mixed use development, which will allow for less encroachment into neighborhoods.

It aims to also create biking and pedestrian mobility, revitalize commercial corridors, reduce sprawl and cluster, and improve development design. Brantley, says the public won't see these changes over night, but it is important that people know about the changes in the code, and also participate.

"If you go to fullsteamaheadhattiesburg.com you can begin to be a part of our process, and to keep aware of what we are doing. There will be neighborhood meetings coming up that we certainly hope you will attend, but right now there are a couple of surveys on this web site, there is a residents survey and there is a business owners survey. It would be great to have that input to use in the analysis report," said Brantley.

For more information go to fullsteamaheadhattiesburg.com , or e-mail fullsteamahead@hattiesburgms.com