Billy Hamilton confident record was his

It took a split second for Billy Hamilton to surpass a record that stood for nearly three decades. Playing for Double-A Pensacola, Hamilton, who made a name for himself as an All-American at Taylorsville High School, broke Vince Coleman's record of 145 stolen bases in a single minor league season on Tuesday night.

He surpassed the record in 121 games, but feels it was only a matter of time before he broke it. "I mean, I had a good feeling," Hamilton told a Pensacola television affiliate on Tuesday, "I knew that if I came out, we had two games, and first game, if I got on a couple of times, it was possible to do."

In all likely-hood, the 2012 season won't just be marked by Hamilton breaking the record Coleman first set in 1983. With 11 games remaining, and assuming he plays injury-free, Hamilton is likely to shatter the record. He reached 148 stolen bases Wednesday night. It's not hard to believe Hamilton is enjoying the moment.

"You got twitter, and twitter's just been blowing up and stuff," said Hamilton, "It's been pretty fun now." A fun season indeed for the Pine Belt product; not to say a call up to Cincinnati wouldn't make it even better.

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