WDAM Viewpoint- American still dying in longest war

We tend to forget.  Or, perhaps worse still, we take for granted, that American forces are still at war in Afghanistan…the longest war we have ever fought.  Then it hits close to home—as it did this week—with the death of Sand Hill native and father of Caronica Jackson the head coach of girl's basketball at Hattiesburg High.  Sergeant First Class Coater Debose was serving with the Mississippi Army Reserve in Afghanistan when killed by small arms fire.  The details of his tragic death have not yet been released…but the fact remains that he gave his life in the service of his country.  This begs the question of why we are still in Afghanistan.  Our original mission was to kick Al Queda out.  We did that long ago and with today's military technology and sophisticated special forces we can keep a close eye to make sure they don't return.  All surveys show that most Americans want us out and don't understand why we still have troops in harm's way.  Many have tried to bring this backward and hard as Flint country to heel over the centuries.  None have done that yet and neither will we.  Nevertheless we salute our forces for serving and our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Sgt. Debose.

I'm Jim Cameron…let us know what you think.