Pride of Pine Belt: Red Cross volunteer makes generous donation

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - You could say Marty McMahan's motto is it's never too late.

"Yes, I am at retirement age, but you have got to give back. You can't just go home and sit down," said American Red Cross Volunteer, McMahan.

As a claims adjuster for 15 years, McMahan found herself in people's lives during hard times.

"During tornados, during floods,"said McMahan.

McMahan says she always found herself working shoulder to shoulder with an organization who is synonymous with disaster relief.

"I saw how the Red Cross responded to families in time of need," said McMahan.

McMahan remembered seeing the positive impact the Red Cross made in several family's lives after a tornado left them homeless.

"We all know how mobile homes respond to tornados. Those people's lives were devastated, and the Red Cross brought in their erv and several volunteers," said McMahan.

That experience drew McMahan to be a part of Red Cross's influence after her career.

"I was contacted in 2004 and asked to serve on the board of the American Red Cross in the Hattiesburg area," said McMahan.

But that doesn't mean she seats behind a desk while others do the work.

"Everyday we respond to family fires, we respond to local drownings," said McMahan.

McMahan doesn't just give her time.

"I've made that commitment to donate $10,000,"said McMahan.

The donation was given in the name of the American Red Cross Tiffany Circle. McMahan says the money will stay in Mississippi.

"I recently joined the Tiffany Circle, which is an arm of the American Red Cross. It is a group of women leaders who have come together, who have made a commitment to give their time, their talent and their resources," said McMahan.

In total, the circle has given $40 million to the Red Cross since 2007.

"Don't give until it hurts, give until it feels good. So, that is what my mission is, to go around and help other women learn how to give until it feels good," said McMahan.

While most are relaxing from giving all they had to their careers, McMahan is showing it's never too late to make a difference.

If you would like more information on Mississippi's Red Cross, or Tiffany Circle visit the web site