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What to wear on a first date

If you're going on a first date, you might be feeling a little nervous. What are you going to talk about? Will you have anything in common? What to wear?

Well, we can help you on that point. Enter Valerie Joseph, professional stylist!

"You really want to make sure that he looks you in the eye, his eyes aren't wandering and that you minimize any distractions," she advises. "Stay away from wearing a lot of big status pieces or designer pieces -- he doesn't know the difference between Manolo Blahniks and Mossimo!"

Val's tips include staying away from anything strapless, too fitted or too sheer.

"Lace is great, but not if it's showing your midriff. That's just a little too much distraction going on," she explains.

Another rule of thumb: Make sure your skirt or dress is longer than your fingertips.

You want your natural beauty to shine, so Val recommends going lighter on the makeup.

"Guys don't like a lot of heavy makeup, but they do appreciate that you look very polished," she adds.

Speaking of guys, we've got standards for them, too!

"Nothing too baggy, nothing too fitted and stay away from logo T-shirts," says Valerie.

Guys should also stay away from anything that's ripped, dirty or too distracting.

"A nice, clean button-down that's in a neutral color, slacks or bootleg jeans -- nothing fitted, nothing too baggy," she explains. "And guys, women look at shoes, so make sure [your feet are] covered and clean!"

For the ladies and the gentlemen: Think clean, simple, fresh and classy.

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