WDAM Viewpoint- No Register...No vote

Could the line in the sand be anymore clearly defined than it is with this November's presidential election?  The incumbant—Democrat Barack Obama—and the Republican challenger— Mitt Romney are in the midst of a brutal contest for the hearts and minds of the people of this country.  Whoever wins will determine a lot about what kind of country we want to be…what kind of republic we are going to be…and will likely have a more direct effect on the day to day lives of our citizenry than most presidential races.  This is no time for apathy or procrastination.  If you are not registered to vote…please register as soon as possible.  If you are registered…by all means don't let anything stop you from voting short of divine hinderence.  It's just too important.  We are reminding you a bit early and we will no doubt remind you again.  After all you do have to register at least thirty days in advance of the November election.

I'm Jim Cameron with today's Viewpoint.  Let us know what you think.