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Hattiesburg City Council considering pay raises


The lowest paid Hattiesburg city employees may have a pay raise in their futures. 

Hattiesburg City Council President Kim Bradley says raising the starting pay of workers from the Department of Water and Sewer, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, and those who make $8-per-hour, is one of the options the Council is considering.

Bradley says cost of giving raises to more than 700 employees may cost the city $850,000, which would put the city's ending budget at $1.8 million. Bradley says that budget would be unacceptable, so work has to be done to accommodate the raises. Bradley added, that the city has to incorporate paying employees benefits, which are increasing.

"The cost of health insurance has gone up $300,000 for our city for what we pay for our employee health care," said Bradley. "We have also had to pay more in state benefits, [and] state retirement. Those fees have increased. You are talking another $400,000 to $500,000 in this budget to take care of these increased cost of the employee, and we haven't even paid the employee yet."

Bradley says the city is going to have to make a leap of faith, and make sure the employees receive a raise, but how much of a raise has not been decided.

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