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WDAM Viewpoint- UAW wants to ruin Mississippi's progress

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Mississippi has long vied for the number one or two spot as the poorest state in the union. We've still got a long way to go...but helping lift us out of the pit are the foreign automobile manufacturers that have been attracted to our state.

For example, at the Nissan plant in Canton, the average worker makes $60,000 a year plus benefits. That's a long way from the plight suffered by workers in that area just a few
years  ago.  Few if any are complaining and the quality of life has improved dramatically. Now here comes the UAW out of Detroit, one of the most blighted cities in the nation. I've been there and it
reminiscent of a war zone in the Middle East. Human greed is at the heart of it. Many years ago there was a need for the unions because the industrialists were taking advantage of the workers. Once the balance of power shifted to the unions they started taking advantage of the
companies. That resulted in bloated pay and benefits...inferior products that were at a disadvantage on the world market...graft and corruption and the workers being taken advantage of by the unions. So far the UAW has received a chilly welcome by the workers at Nissan who
never had it so good. May it continue to be so and let the unions go back to the blighted rust belt up north-their natural habitat.

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