The city of Hattiesburg makes plans to ease traffic on Hardy street

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Drivers who frequently find themselves on the block of 25th Avenue to 21st Avenue know when anyone tries to take a left turn in that area traffic can come to a complete stop.

The City of Hattiesburg is trying to put an end to that frustration by widening that block on Hardy Street, and adding an additional middle turn lane.

Director of Engineering for the city of Hattiesburg,  Bert Kuyrkendall says this will be a $1 million project, and the city council decided tonight Dunn Road Builder will get the bid for construction.  Kuyrkendall says the project can't start without approval.

"About $650,000 of it is through MDOT, through the federal highway administration. You know, MDOT administers, all those funds from the state. So, the project goes through them for their approval. They approve the plans, they approve the contractor and when the project is done they've got to approve the close out as well," said Kuyrkendall.

The city hopes to start the project by the end of the year, which will be a year long process.