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WDAM Viewpoint- National media blew it on Chick-Fil-A

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News outlets across the country are rushing to label Chick-fil-a President Dan Cathy as a bigot after comments he made about his company's position on "gay marriage".

What Mr. Cathy actually said in an interview with the Baptist Press that started all this hullabaloo was that he wants to operate his company on "Biblical Principles" and that includes supporting the "Biblical definition of the family unit".

Nowhere did he say that he "hates" homosexuals.  Nowhere did he say Homosexuals don't deserve rights.     Other companies have taken stands for Homosexual marriage without raising so much ire.  After all freedom of speech is one of our most cherished rights in this country.

So…to say that Mr. Cathy engaged in hate speech is not just unfair…it is downright inaccurate.  He also said they believe in staying married to one's first wife—another Biblical principle.  Many of us have broken that admonition but feel no compunction about enjoying a good chicken sandwich without making a federal case.  Forgiveness and compassion are also Biblical principles. 

Running your business on biblical principles doesn't mean you hate gays any more than being gay means you hate the Bible.  I don't feel worthy of having a stone in my hand.  I'm weary of seeing people unfairly demonized in the media because they say something that is supposedly politically incorrect.  This is not about gay rights.  This is about the first amendment.  There is room for robust debate in this great country and we can agree to disagree without rancor and name calling and deliberately trying to offend others. 

I'm Jim Cameron…let us know what you think.