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WDAM Viewpoint- A few shame the many

A few have shamed the many.  I'm talking about the few influential members of the predominantly white First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs who pressured the pastor into moving a wedding for a Black couple who had been attending there to a church down the street.  As I understand it, most of the members were all for it.  But a few members with clout decided a wedding for Blacks would defile their sanctuary.  They went to the pastor and told him if he held the wedding there his job would be on the line.  Now the nation gets the idea that nothing has changed in Mississippi since the 60's.  Not only were they bigots they are obviously cowards because they won't even come forward and take accountability for their warped beliefs and despicable actions.  To the town's credit, the mayor called for a day of healing and reconciliation and a large number of Whites and Blacks turned out to pray together in the blazing hot sun…including a large contingent of members of First Baptist.  The people who did this should come forward and confess, ask forgiveness of those they have hurt, and repent.  That is, if they believe what they claim they believe.  Jesus had a term for the Pharisees of His day who preached one thing and practiced another…"White-washed graves".   I'm Jim Cameron.  Let us hear from what you think.

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