Favre "gung ho" on first day as a coach

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Not sure if he expected to be winded mid-way through his first practice, but after playfully adding wide-receiver and running back to his list of duties as Oak Grove's offensive coordinator, Brett Favre, sure enough, could be seen standing crouched over, hands-on-knees, drenched from head to toe in sweat as drills continued on Monday.

"I'm way out of shape," said the three-time NFL MVP, "I was struggling there towards the end, but it was a lot of fun."

If there was another thing plain to see, Favre indeed looked to enjoy himself on the first day of fall camp for the Warriors football team. After starting the morning watching Oak Grove quarterbacks Cameron Myers and Kirk McCarty, Favre, fully energized, caught passes from the two, lined up at running back for a few plays, and could be heard from 40 yards away instructing the two young gunslingers.

"You know, our kids are excited about it," said Oak Grove head coach Nevil Barr, "I'm going to tell you something, Brett treats these kids great. He's got a lot of enthusiasm."

After day one, the 11-time all-pro quarterback thinks there will be no shortage of talent to work with this season. "I think Cam's arm...is the best arm in the state. I haven't seen everybody throw, but it would be hard to beat his arm.

"Kirk has some experience with our team...doesn't have the football arm that Cam has, but he throws the ball well." Barr, who's team last season missed the playoffs for the first time in ten years shares Favre's sentiments about the team's talent, but experience might be an issue.

"I think we got great speed and quickness," Barr said, "I think we're blessed with that, even though we have a lot of young guys."

Favre, with control of the offense, will now look to mold that talent.

"These kids really don't know what they're capable of," says Favre. At the same time, he'll have to balance teaching a high school offense, with learning it himself."The high school game is totally foreign to me. It really is," he shared, "I ran the wishbone in high school. These kids have no idea what the wishbone is.

"My experience in pro football really means zero here...Probably the biggest learning process throughout this whole locker room will be mine."

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