15th Judicial Drug Court holds graduation

15th Judicial Drug Court Graduates
15th Judicial Drug Court Graduates

Graduation for participants in the 15th Judicial Drug Court was very emotional Friday morning knowing they have a new lease on life because of the program.

Circuit Court Judge Prentiss Harrell started the program in 2007. It's designed for non-violent felony offenders an an alternative to jail. Participants must go through regular drug testing, addiction treatment, interactive supervision, and they must all pay fines to make it through the program.

Drug Court is by no means easy and some do not make it through the program. For those that do, it takes longer for some more than others.

"Myself and a friend are two of the original drug court members and we could have got out earlier if we had been serious about it," said Ty Willis Daniels, Drug Court Graduate. "We had a change of heart and started taking it serious and happy to be out of it and not in jail."

During the ceremony current active participants were also promoted to the next level in the program.

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