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Southern Miss professor recognized for healing plastic


Months ago, a University of Southern Mississippi professor unveiled an invention that heals itself. Now, the plastic material has been cited as one of five materials that could change the world by a European publication.

The plastic material turns red or bleeds when it is damages, and then it heals itself, and now it's cited as a leading technology in the world of plastics research by a British publication.

"They pick out five major inventions that will change the world, or affect people in some ways. Bleeding or self-healing materials is one of them. So, we were very happy about it," said Southern Mississippi Polymer Science and Engineering Professor Marek Urban.

Urban developed this unique plastic.

"We can develop material that would mimic nature," said Urban.

Urban says he and his team created the technology by using molecular links and chemicals to make up the plastic. Urban added once the plastic is scratched or torn, the plastic turns red indicating damage and begins the 15-minute process of repairing itself.

It is an invention with infinite possibilities, according to Urban.

"There are a lot of opportunities there for a variety of applications ranging from censor technologies, to self healing, to materials that are more sustainable, materials that may be utilized by a medical application," said Urban.

These endless opportunities are gaining attention from around the world.

"A recent inquiry from one of the largest museum's of science in Dublin, Ireland wants our sample to be on display as they begin this exhibition in October 15,"said Urban.

Urban hopes the invention will put Southern Miss on the map, and encourage younger generations to get involved in science.

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