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WDAM Viewpoint- Giant Sucking Sound

As we hear more bad news on the jobless front, one can't help but recall that in the early 90's then-presidential candidate Ross Perot predicted that if NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) passed allowing companies to go out of the country to manufacture goods cheaply…there would be a "giant sucking sound" as jobs left this country in droves.  One can't help but wonder if that is perhaps at least one of the factors in the unemployment percentage that is doing so much damage to our economy today.  While Perot had other ideas that were probably not so sound…and the cheap labor in other countries keeps the prices lower on goods for the American consumer it is something to think about.  There used to be clothing manufacturers galore in South Mississippi and furniture factories abounded in North Mississippi.  Try finding either today.  Or try finding goods not made in China or some third world country where people will work for just enough to survive.  Recently there was a great deal of consternation over the fact that even the uniforms to be worn by the American Olympic team were made out of this country.  There are many other factors involved in the unemployment picture, of course.  And people are often reluctant to pay more for "made in America" products.  But the "giant sucking sound" prediction might have been at least somewhat prophetic.  Something to think about.  I'm Jim Cameron and we'd like to know what you think.

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