WDAM Viewpoint- Scams are abounding

You are a grandmother and your barely grown grandchild calls and says he's overseas.  He doesn't quite sound like himself, but says he has a sinus infection or some such.  He came over with a friend and got abandoned…or he himself got scammed into a free trip to say, London, or wherever and is now stuck and needs $2500 or some outrageous sum to get home and wants you to send it immediately.  What do you do?  After all he does drop enough personal information to be somewhat convincing.  Do what my wife did.  Hang up the phone and call your grandchild and/or his parents…especially if he tells you not to tell anyone because he—or she—feels so stupid.  It's a scam and it is in full swing.  There are others.  Calls wanting your banking numbers because President Obama is going to send you a check.  E-mails or cell-phone calls from your bank telling you there is a problem….it goes on and on.  With more ways to communicate there are more crooks and scam artists than ever out there spending full time trying to figure out new ways to separate you from your money.  Don't fall for it and don't give anyone your personal information unless you know exactly who they are and what they are going to do first hand.  Sorry to say…but it pays to be cynical these days.  If it doesn't sound true…it most likely isn't.  I'm Jim Cameron.  Let us hear from you.