Hattiesburg city council president discusses next step for redistricting

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg City Council's vote tomorrow brings them one step closer to finalizing its new redistricting plan.

City Council President Kim Bradley says Tuesday the council will adopt a resolution to establish the new wards, and precinct changes of the new revised proposed redistricting plan.

Bradley says this will complete the package the city needs to send to the U.S. Justice Department by August first. After 60 days, Bradley says the council should receive pre-clearance or adjustments from the department.

Bradley says he understands there were a lot of emotions involved in choosing a plan this time around, but feels good about the decision and doesn't anticipate the U.S. Justice Department will turn it down.

"I'm really not at all. I think it was told to us in one of the meetings, our planner said that any of the four plans that were there, he felt would pass justice, and would be pre-cleared," said Bradley.

Tuesday, during the council's meeting, they will vote on ad valorem tax exemptions for 10 businesses.

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