WDAM Viewpoint- Justice finally served

When she was barely 21 years old, Lee Stubbs of Collins was sentenced to 44 years in prison along with Tammy Vance for alleged serious bodily harm to Janet Williams.  It was a murky case at best played out in a Lincoln County courtroom.  Michael West, a Hattiesburg dentist, who billed himself as a forensic specialist gave testimony that even he now says was not sufficient to hold up in court and, based largely on his testimony the two girls were found guilty in 2001.  Some time ago the Mississippi Innocence Project got involved and after deposing West and presenting Judge Michael Taylor with additional evidence not presented in the original trial…he vacated the charge and after 11 years the ladies have been set free.  They lost precious prime years from their lives behind bars that can never be re-lived.  This has been a tragedy and, in our opinion a gross miscarriage of justice that should never have happened.  The State Attorney General's office has until August 6th to decide whether to re-indict them.  We trust that will not happen.  There are people convicted of murder and other heinous crimes far worse who spend far less time in prison than these young ladies who were convicted on junk evidence to begin with and need to be free to move on with their lives in freedom.  On the other hand, the 80 some odd cases that West has testified in should and may well all be investigated closer with an eye on his testimony.  We applaud Judge Taylor for doing what we consider the right thing.  I'm Jim Cameron.  Let us hear from you.