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Golden Eagle basketball team visits Center for Child Development


Basketball season may be a few months away, but the Southern Miss men's basketball team is already putting smiles on people's faces. The Golden Eagles made a special visit to the Center for Child Development on the Southern Miss campus Thursday to read and play with the kids.

The Golden Eagle basketball team is coming off of one of its best seasons ever, but guard Neil Watson says the team's main objective lies off the court. "Our main goal is to be role models for the kids before playing basketball or representing the school. We want to leave a good impression on the kids in the area," Watson said.

The basketball team, along with Seymour, spent over an hour with the kids reading, drawing, and even teaching some warm-up techniques. While Watson says it's a privilege to have the children look up to the team, he says it wasn't long ago that they were back in the kids' shoes. "It feels good because once upon a time we were those kids seeing guys come into our schools and we'd get excited. Now we switched the roles. It's a good feeling, and it makes me feel happy. It's brightened my day up just as much as it's brightened their day up."

Watson added that the Golden Eagles plan to continue similar visits and events in the future.

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