WDAM Viewpoint- Pants on the ground

I don't like to see people wear saggy pants.  I wouldn't hire someone wearing low slung saggy pants and I agree with the song that went viral sometime back that said "looking like a fool with your pants on the ground".   Not only is it unsightly…but one is not likely to get far in life wearing a fashion made popular by inmates.

This week the Columbia Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance against people wearing pants, shorts or skirts 3 inches or more below the waist… with a hefty fine and possible arrest for offenders.  Prentiss recently passed a similar law as have a number of towns in Mississippi and other states.  Ninety-four percent of you said that you were in favor of the law in our web poll.

It is a bit ironic however, that most of us are not in favor of the government dictating what we can eat or drink…what kind of cars we can drive…and in general want government staying out of our lives as much as possible.  But most are in favor of a law regulating how people dress.  Are saggy pants really more indecent than some of the things we see people wearing in Walmart on a regular basis?  Are there other clothing styles indecent as well and should laws be passed against them.

I don't have the answer…just something to think about. Let us know what you think. I'm Jim Cameron.