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Judge continues to block Mississippi abortion law

A federal judge is continuing to block Mississippi's new abortion law, which threatened to close the state's only clinic.

Wednesday afternoon, Judge Daniel Jordan heard arguments on whether he should lift the restraining order put in place July 1. The order stops Mississippi from enforcing a new law, which requires any doctor at the abortion clinic in Jackson to be an OB-GYN with privileges to admit patients to a local hospital.

The doctors at the clinic in Jackson do not have those privileges, except for one, and the clinic says the privileges aren't medically necessary. The clinic claims the new state law is unconstitutional, and the U.S. Supreme court has ruled that states can't place undue burdens or substantial obstacles to women seeking abortion.

Supporters of the law say it's designed to protect patients. Governor Phil Bryant says he hopes the law will help make Mississippi abortion-free. A few Hattiesburg residents gave their opinion on the ruling.

"The law that they were trying to pass goes against Roe v. Wade, which provides the entitlement to an abortion if you so choose. The politicians in this state have repeatedly said that they want to make Mississippi an abortion free state, which is clearly against the law as it says in Roe v. Wade," said Hattiesburg Resident, Andy Bearden.

"I feel like it would be a horrible decision if they close the abortion clinic, because it feels like extreme measures to take away women's right to choose," said Hattiesburg Resident, Emily Lowery.

"I'm not for abortion, but I think there are some women's rights and some things that are involved here that to me is a political situation. It's a way to make sure the hospital doesn't give the doctors a right to go there, and that stops it. So, that is just my opinion. I don't agree with that," said Hattiesburg Resident William Pimm.

The judge did not immediately say how long the block would last.

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