JCJC offers students new financial incentive to offset rising costs

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - This fall, Jones County Junior College is offering its students more bang for their bucks. A new financial incentive is waiting for students who pay their tuition and fees by August 1, 2012.

JCJC president Jesse Smith says they're trying to take the sting out of paying increasing tuition and fees.

"Bonus Bucks is a 10 percent rebate," said Jesse Smith on Monday.

But you only get the rebate if you pay your fall tuition before school starts.

"All out-of-pocket expenses that are paid up front by August 1," said Smith.

According to the college, this fall students will see a $50 tuition increase. By opting in the early-payment incentive students can expect a net decrease in tuition costs. JCJC's Candi Smith, who is heading OneCard services, helped develop the card students will use to access their rebate.

"The funds will go on their JCJC ID; we call that the OneCard. So, they will already have the card in their pocket. When they make that payment by August 1 they will qualify for bonus bucks. We'll apply those funds to their OneCard on the first day of school," said Candi Smith.

According to Candi Smith, 18 vendors off campus and on campus services will accept the OneCard.

"You could use the funds for gas, which you're going to have to pay to get back and forth to school, or books in the book store, so for expenses that you are going to incur anyway. 15 days early and you get at ten percent bonus," said Candi Smith. "Anything that they pre-pay will qualify them, and it's really free money so why not take advantage of it.".

For more on the bonus bucks go to www.jcjc.edu/onecard

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