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WDAM Viewpoint- Honor those who protect our freedom

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As we celebrate our freedoms this 4th of July…it is important to recognize those who sacrifice so much to keep our hard won liberty.  I don't recall recommending a book in an editorial, but I just finished one that does a tremendous job of painting a picture of just how fierce the combat in Iraq was and the sacrifices made by families of our fighting forces back home.  The title is "American Sniper" and it is an autobiography by Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.  He has more confirmed kills than any sniper in U.S. military history.  It is strong stuff and I would advise parents to read it before deciding at what age their children are ready for it.  Interspersed with the real life experiences of our fighting forces in every branch of the service are comments by his wife about the strain of several long deployments on her and their two small children.  It gives one a feel for the sacrifices, patriotism, and courage—not to mention the quality--of the people who lay it all on the line to preserve our way of life.  I highly recommend it as an inspiring and enlightening read on this fourth of July period. 

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