Hattiesburg dumpster sends odor over fence, plagues residents

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A Dumpster at Hattiesburg's Plantation Place Apartments has grown into a festering garbage heap but it's not the residents complaining.

The odor, the rats, the roaches and the windblown refuse is plaguing the residents closest to the dumpster: The neighbors over the fence.

"The Dumpsters are not getting dumped and the trash is just piling up out there," said Towne Villa Apartments maintenance man Dale Usry. "They don't clean it up. The trash is blowing over here. The tenants here are complaining about the roaches and the rats they see running across there, the stench is horrible."

Residents in one Towne Villa building live approximately 20 feet from the steaming pile of trash.

"It's disgusting," said one resident.

"It's got to be a health hazard. I mean with a stench like it is, it's got no choice but to be a health hazard," said Usry.

Usry says the pile became a problem a couple months ago when one dumpster disappeared from the site and the one that's left - a smaller four yard dumpster - is emptied every two or sometimes three weeks.

"[Town Villa's get] dumped every week. And they're 8.5 yard Dumpsters and they are full when they get dumped," said Usry.

Usry says he has tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with the owner of the building that is supposed to maintain the dumpster.