Many people punched the clock on this Independence Holiday

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - For many people the fourth of July is enjoying fireworks, barbecue and fun in the sun, but for others, Independence Day is just another day at work.

Roofer for Martin Smith Services, Kevin Wathke says he doesn't mind the labor on this holiday.

"It's something we have to do to get the job finished, and we have Friday off with pay so it's not all bad," said Wathke.

For the employees at Corner Market in Hattiesburg, working on this day seemed to be their pleasure.

"We serve the public, and that's what were here to do, keep them happy, make sure their needs are met," said Corner Market employee, Pat Cox.

"I mean it's very great to work on holidays. Actually, you get to see a lot of different people, a lot of new people, faces coming in from out of town, you know everywhere. I just love working on holidays," said Corner Market Meat Clerk, Alisa Todd.

"I feel like someone's got to do it. I enjoy it.  I've been doing it for 30 years," said Corner Market Assistant Manager of the Meat Department, James Gunn.

"I mean it doesn't bother me I don't mind working, " said Corner Market Cook, Cameron Bradley.

At the Jr. Food Mart in Hattiesburg, cashier Liz Hays says she volunteered to punch the clock.

"It's not that busy, and even if it was it's time in a half, so I don't mind working at all," said Hays.

At WDAM the news doesn't stop because it's a holiday.

"Well it takes away from friends and family, but I get money," said Community Web Producer, Mercer Morrison.

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