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Hattiesburg city council president questions nightclub opening


Monday morning brought more questions surrounding the new night club in Hattiesburg. Last week the concerns were coming from the city's chief of police. Now the president of the city council wants answers.

"I want some answers today. I certainly do. Where was the administration when all this was going on?  Did they just sit back and watch it, and then now it's become exposed?," said Hattiesburg City Council President Kim Bradley.

Bradley says he doesn't know how 3-D Lounge nightclub opened last week. He says there are loose ends in regards to the club.

"We had discussions mainly through the chief of police because he had concerns. The code enforcement office, because of parking. There isn't enough parking, but yet we've issued a permit for 325 patrons. I have a copy of it, and there are 47 parking places. So, I guess we're gonna have 9 people per car that are going to come in there. Where are they going to park?, " said Bradley.

Bradley says another concern is the chief of police signature. Last week, Police Chief Frazier Bolton said he signed off on the privilege tax license on the establishment in September of 2011 when it was called Inner Circle Bar and Lounge.  

Chief Bolton said months after the signature, he had concerns about the club, and issued a note to city hall indicating he wanted to reevaluate the paperwork before issuing permits. The chief says this never happened.

"They wanted to sit there and say,'Well, he already signed off on it.' Well, that doesn't fly, that doesn't work. He expressed his concern to the clerk. You saw the notation that's written on the certificate, and they go ahead and let the place open anyway," said Bradley.

Bradley says for a year the council knew work was in progress for the club, but was assured no permits would be issued, especially after certain complaints.

"I personally have received several calls from the automobile dealers around that area, and the problems that they had when the Hi Hat 2000 was there," said Bradley.

Another entanglement which Bradley says he doesn't understand is the involvement of two councilmen and the mayor the night the club opened.

"The mayor can call from Washington and tell them that they can open up. That is not how it works. Why were Deborah Delgado and Dave Ware there that night when the police walked in?," said Bradley.

"We have got to change the system. If this is how the system works it is broke, and it doesn't work," said Bradley.

Monday afternoon Mayor Dupree told the council that he gave the authority to open the club after he was told by the city clerk the club owners had met all the requirements. He said denying them would have not been legal. He added Chief Bolton had no authority to stop issuance of permits.

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