Senator McDaniel reacts to Obamacare decision

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - On Thursday, Affordable Healthcare for All Act was deemed constitutional by the United States Supreme Court.

The new law requires that every American must purchase healthcare insurance or face a tax penalty.

State Senator Chris McDaniel said, "I believe the court went way too far in its decision."

The University of Southern Mississippi Political Science Chair Allen McBride said, "If the Supreme Court says it is constitutional, I am with them."

McDaniel said he felt it's simply unconstitutional.

"All of us know that this is not a traditional tax," said McDaniel. "Taxes usually come with income or with some action. A sales tax for example, when we purchased something. When was the last time you were taxed for being inactive? And that is exactly what this decision does, it punishes your inactivity. That is not a tax, that is a penalty, and I think that is were the court makes its most fundamental mistake."

McDaniel filed sued on behalf of Mississippi, one of 26 states that filed a lawsuit against the law. He said the decision gives the federal government too much power.

"The federal government is a government with limited authority; it can't do anything unless it is specifically told it can," said McDaniel. "What the court said today, however, therefore, it said yeah it can as long as it attach a tax penalty."

McDaniel said the decision is also devastating to the state.

"Mississippi right now is forced to absorb thousands of additional Medicaid patients," said McDaniel. "We simply will not be able to afford it. Period. End of story."

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