WDAM Viewpoint- Immigration Law Still Fuzzy

Frankly, the Arizona immigration law ruled on this week by the U.S. Supreme Court remains a Rubik's Cube of a puzzle.  Law enforcement is allowed to check someone's citizenship documents if they stop them for some other reason…but then it gets real fuzzy.  There's really not much they can do.   Right on the heels of the court's ruling, the administration vowed not to enforce the law.  It reminds me of when Mississippi passed a law requiring everyone to wear seat belts while traveling in an automobile…but made no provision for a fine or punishment if one got ticketed for just such an offense.  Having visited some of the poorest sections of Mexico…I have to say, if my family and I were in such horrid conditions I might do whatever I had to do to get a better life.  On the other hand…it is the federal government's duty and responsibility to uphold the laws and protect the borders of our country.  To send the message that they will go against the court and not do that is an invitation to chaos.

I'm Jim Cameron…that's Viewpoint.  Let us know what you think.