WDAM Viewpoint- The Next Big Thing

You have no doubt noticed us talking a lot lately about the "next big thing".  Well you will really notice things changing next week as the news set from which we have been bringing you the latest news, sports, weather and interviews for a number of years is demolished and donated the Broadcast Journalism students at the University of Southern Mississippi.  We will be stripping out everything to the bare walls here in the studio and replacing this set with a new High Definition set and equipment that will make for a much more enjoyable viewing experience for you our audience.  Back when we were telling you about the "Big Switch" from standard definition to high definition on a digital format we could only try our best to describe the enhanced video and audio you would experience.  Now you have no doubt seen it on network television and know the difference.  Soon you will see all your local programming looking just a crisp, sharp and colorful.  We would ask for you to be patient with our progress as the saying goes.  It will take a few weeks to get the old set and technology installed.  In the meantime we'll be broadcasting from our news room where we actually put the newscast together.  While not a glitzy perhaps--we think you will find it interesting to see where the actual work goes into building our many newscast every day.  We will be keeping you up to date with our progress and soon you'll see a whole new look on WDAM.  I'm Jim Cameron.  As always, let us hear from you.