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'Get your kits ready now' says Red Cross


With tropical storm Debby forming not too far south, it is not a bad time to remember that it is the start of hurricane season and it's never too early to be prepared. The American Red Cross in Laurel is reminding Pine Belt residents to think in advance - have a plan for your family and your pets should Debby or another storm come through.

Have food, gas, water and extras of things like spare keys available. Do you know where your insurance papers are? Can you save three days worth of your medications?

"Go ahead and get your kits ready now simply because when you do have a system that comes up in the Gulf, if you wait until the last minute sometimes emergency supplies clear out fairly quickly especially things like batteries and bottled water," said Community Response Coordinator Beth Henson. "So go ahead and put your kits together now."

Disaster supply kits can sometimes be budget busters so the Red Cross says it's not a bad idea to start now and week by week accrue supplies to have on hand. For a more complete list of what you should have ready for storm season, you can go to RedCross.org.

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