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Pride of the Pine Belt: Southern Miss Grad develops new product


We've all said it,'Hey, I could have thought of that!' Well, Southern Miss graduate, and Hattiesburg native Justin Clark says he has a few ideas that are close to becoming a reality.

Clark says he never knows when or where an idea will come to him. 

"They just hit me. I was in the shower one time," said Clark.

Clark says a thought in the shower one day turned into him developing a product called the Handy Hi-5. It is the material of a loofah, but fits on either hand like a glove.

"I was curious to know exactly how long a user is suppose to use a bathing sponge or a loofah," said Clark.

Clark says after lots of research he found out by two weeks loofahs, and wash cloths, develop bacteria that could cause boils and staph infections.

"I sought out to create a product that prevents that," said Clark.

So, after a lot of time..

"It's been like a year and a half that I have been developing this," said Clark.

And a lot of money...

"So far I have invested $7,000 of my own personal money into this product," said Clark.

Clark developed the Handy Hi-5 while working multiple jobs and finishing his degree, but he says the product now has two patents, and he has faith it will work.

"So, what I have is the prototype of the Handy Hi-5. It is an ambidextrous apparatus of a bathing glove that showcases a bathing sponge. The bathing sponge is unique itself, because of its altered ornamental appearance. I attached an open contraction at the bottom where the user can insert a hard bar of soap or either liquid soap. Basically it's the all around best product for the person on the go,' said Clark.

Clark says his target group is travelers: military, business people, and disaster victims. Clark added users can get three to four uses out of it and much more.

"You're saving energy. You're saving water, and it is also going to save you over all on your utility bill," said Clark.

Clark's product has grabbed the attention of the ABC reality show Shark Tank. Clark says he has to finalize funding for the product, but hopes to one of the potential inventors for season four.

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