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Vandals cause $80,000 in damages at local orchard

 At 11:51 Thursday evening the alarm sounded at Mount Olive's Blue River Farms. Unfortunately for manager Greg Saulters, this was no false alarm. 

Just before noon on Friday two boys were arrested on charges of vandalism to the 64-acre blueberry farm. Their names and ages will not be released because they are both minors.

After observing the scene, Saulters learned that two tractors were stolen along with the four-wheeler the boys used to get away. One of the tractors destroyed 71 blueberry plants and the other was found rammed into a storage barn door. Saulters says a new door will cost between $5,000 and $7,000.

According to Saulters the plants were worth $25,000. One of the tractors was drastically damaged and will likely be totaled, costing another $50,000 to replace.

When asked why he thought the crime took place, Saulters replied "I was told that they were bored...didn't have anything to do." 

Most of the blueberry plants will need to be replanted. Saulters says they take five years to grow back.

By Mary Grace Fisher for WDAM

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