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Festival South presents Broadway cabaret in Hattiesburg

Festival South will host a hilarious evening of show tunes June 20 at 7:30 p.m. at The Bottling Company.

The show is called LOL (Laugh out Loud-A show tune cabaret) that will be sure to entertain.

The evening will be filled with zany performers singing Broadways most famous, and infamous tunes from shows such as Avenue Q, The Book of Mormon, A Chorus Line, Spamalot and many more!

However, show contenders warn that this is not a place to bring the kiddies to.

This will be the first time Festival South will attempt a performance for an adult audience only.  The show contains language and humor for a mature audience only.

One of the performers in the show Mike Lopinto believes this show is one of a kind.

"This is a cabaret in its truest form, there will be individual songs from some of our talented people but they have been asked to pick humorous songs that may be a little too risque for some normal productions. It's definitely not for the faint of heart," Lopinto said. "As I have been saying, if mature language and adult comedy offend you, ask yourself why you would consider going to a bar in the middle of the week?"

Performers for the cabaret include Maryann Kyle, Jennifer Hart, Mike Lopinto, Elliott Yates, Lynn Beach Smith, Brett Barnes, Lori Birrer, Daniel Lewis, Tammy Mansfield, Nathan Anderson and Nikki Melvin Johnson.

Assistant Marketing Director for Festival South Aaron Strum encourages all to attend this unforgettable show.

"The demographic for this event is very different for this show because it is the first adult show Festival South has ever done," Strum said. "The name recognition alone for this show will bring a huge crowd, there is so much talent being featured."

Strum expects the turnout to be large, and thanks the venue for their continued support for their events.

"The Bottling Company has been so gracious to Festival South, and their regulars are already high in numbers, so the turnout should be great."

This event has been described to be "a bawdy show tune cabaret not for the faint at heart." However, the humor in the performances surely will not disappoint.

For more information on the LOL cabaret, visit the event on their Facebook page at LOL: Laugh out Loud- A Show tune Cabaret, or contact a festival south representative at www.festivalsouth.org

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