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Man grows, plans to cut, a "Patrick Swayze" mullet to raise cancer awareness

James Massengale with his cat and mullet James Massengale with his cat and mullet

A Hattiesburg man has grown and plans to donate a mullet in reverence toward the late Patrick Swayze.

James Massengale has grown what he calls The Patrick Swayze Tribute Mullet in an attempt to bring awareness toward pancreatic cancer.

"I felt like people need to remember Patrick Swayze. He was a great actor and humanitarian. I still meet people today that have no idea that Patrick Swayze has passed away," Massengale said.

Massengale created a Facebook event that will feature several activities, one including the auctioning off of who will cut away his mullet. Massengale says he will donate all money raised to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Massengale chose pancreatic cancer because it took Patrick Swayze's life.

"I don't know anyone personally that has or had Pancreatic Cancer, but have always been told 'it's a killer.' So, I felt that donating any money I make through selling T-shirts or with this party to a Four-Star Charity like the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network ( would help those in need," Massengale said. "I thought to myself, 'What would Swayze do?'"  

Massengale's Facebook event already has 52 confirmed guests out of the more than 600 invited. However, some people have yet to understand why Massengale chose a mullet for his cause.

"The idea really started when I said I wanted to grow enough hair to donate to a charity like Locks of Love. I decided on the mullet and started to grow one in the fall of 2009. The folks I work with didn't really understand; my hair stylist at the time didn't really understand. Eventually, in April of 2010 I caved to all the peer pressure from co-workers and my hair stylist and decided to chop it off," Massengale said.

"After that, I felt horrible. I went through a post-mullet depression," Massengale continued. "After the summer of 2010, I said, 'I'm going to do it again, and this time, I'm going to do it right.'"

Massengale finally found a hairstylist that understood his reasoning. Studio 22 Kayla Morris is very supportive of her client's cause.

"When I first started doing his hair he didn't have a mullet," Morris said. "He came in and decided he wanted the mullet again, so I took it upon myself to tame the mullet."

Morris would get Facebook messages from Massengale when it was time to schedule a haircut with responses such as "it's time for business," or picture of his mullet.

"Every time he would come in the mullet would get longer and longer, we began measuring it and now he is going to cut it off, it's kind of bittersweet!" Morris said.

Morris is one of the confirmed guests. The party will be held at The Coffee Depot June 29 with special musical appearances by Mark Mann and Ralph Nix. Door prizes and raffles also will be given out on top of the auction for the cutting of the mullet.

For more information on the party, contact James Massengale over his Facebook, or join the Facebook Page.

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