New Orleans running back creates awareness program

A New Orleans running back has created an organization to fight against childhood obesity.

Pierre Thomas has created the "iCAN" program that offers several different programs to help keep children fit.

"We are taking an active approach to make a difference in the lives of our youth. As a kid, I spent a majority of my time outside playing different sports and games," Thomas said. "These days, youngsters have so many different distractions with the T. V., computers, video games and cell phones that we need to make it a priority to show them that being active can be both fun and rewarding."

Childhood obesity has many dangerous side effects such as high cholesterol, emotional instability, stroke and increased risk for heart disease.

The iCAN program hopes to target nutrition and physical activity in hopes of declining the rate of obesity in children.

The program includes 4 different camps including Let's Geaux, Reviving Recess, iCan Grow- community gardening and Football skills day.

For more information on the camps and program, contact the president of the organization Vince Calabrese at