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WDAM Viewpoint- Hurricane Season 2012

It's been almost 7 years since Hurricane Katrina struck south Mississippi and there are now a lot of new resources available to protect and aid you and your family should another hurricane strike.

For starters, become familiar with social media.  I know Facebook and twitter may seem like something that only your kids do, but should you find yourself in a situation without electricity, a Smart phone combined with social media can be a powerful tool. 

Many local agencies like MEMA, MDOT, and of course WDAM all have twitter accounts and/or Facebook pages.  By simply following agencies like these, you can get information on weather, road closures, or maybe even ice distribution points, should we ever find ourselves in another Katrina aftermath scenario.

You may also want to consider scanning important family documents and storing them on a digital "cloud", such as Evernote or Dropbox.  Tools like these allow individuals to store information, presumably in a secure way, on a digital server away from your home.  Should Mother Nature damage your home…God forbid… your important documents are still stored in a safe digital location.  They can also be accessed from a mobile device.

Last but not least, you may want to consider having a Hurricane evacuation budget? Moving a family out of the way of a storm for a few days can be a very costly expense.  You have to pay for gas, food and often shelter.  If multiple storms were to threaten the area in one season, this could quickly become a major financial burden.

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