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Southern Pine Electric hosts Energy Fair


When the temperatures start shooting up this time of year, so do many electric bills. So Southern Pine Electric picked Tuesday - the beginning of the hottest season to hold their first energy fair of the year. They offered giveaways like light bulbs, window insulation packages and even drink coozies to energy conscious customers. But maybe even more valuable than the freebies, were the tips on how to save on your monthly bill. One surprising pointer: leave the air on - set very low but still on - while you're away during the day. That way, when it kicks back into gear at night it won't have to work as hard to get your home cool again.

"What we're doing is we're trying to reach out to our members in the public trying to inform them about ways they can save money on their power bills," said Southern Pines Electric Communications Coordinator Leif Munkel. "In the summertime one thing that we recommend is like I was saying is you set your thermostat up as high as you can for it to be comfortable. You know 80 degrees when you leave during the day is plenty to help save money on your power bill, also what we recommend is with your water heater or whatever is to set that as low as you can stand it."




June 14, New Hebron, 2504 Ferguson Mill Road

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