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Attorney General visits Girls State


Attorney General Jim Hood, Mississippi Treasurer Lynn Fitch, and State Commissioner of Insurance Mike Chaney were just a few of the high profile guest speakers at "Girls State" Tuesday.

To a crowd of nearly three hundred girls, Hood spoke of the dangers of sexting and cyber bullying. "A lot of what I do with sexting and texting and issues on the Internet is very important, and Girls State and Boys State are two of the best organizations that I speak to," said Hood. It's an issue that hits home for Hood.

"I've got two young daughters and young son so you know it's a kind of personal.   Young girls are just under attack," said Hood.  According to him, parents don't have to go far to see if their son or daughter is being harassed.

"Facebook!  If someone's bullying them you can find that out.  If they're doing drugs, they're telling people on facebook so whatever they're doing all you have to do is monitor them on facebook," said Hood.  By speaking about the serious issue of sexting at "Girls State," Hood hopes that that will create a domino effect.

"It's a crime you know for a young lady to take a nude photograph of themselves, and send it to a boy she think she'll marry while he's probably showing that to all his buddies," said Hood.  He isn't the only one who believes that "Girls State" will help pass the message of Internet safety along to the younger generation. 

Mississippi Commissioner of Insurance, Mike Chaney, said, "They're the people that will make a difference.  They will leave this world better than how they found it." 

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