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Jones County struggles to stop illegal dumping


If you venture down Cut Off Road in south Jones County you can see the garbage that has been illegally dumped; broken toilets, old building materials, and other garbage scatter the roadside.

"It has been a problem of years, two or three times a year there will be an illegal dumping," said Jones County Beat Four Supervisor Andy Dial. "We clean it up and the department reimburses us for it. I know the sheriff has been involved down there. But the biggest problem is there are no houses in there where that road is and it is the same problem everywhere."

Dial says that there are several rural roads throughout the county that appear to have been turned into veritable dump sites.

"We go door to door garbage pick up in Jones County. The people may even be from somewhere else and a lot of places in Eastabuchie and other places - its out of county people that are doing the dumping," Dial says.

For the last several months Seven on your Side has notified Dial about tires that lay in an open field in an Eastabuchie neighborhood. After it rains, the rubber tires fill with water, the sitting water acting as a breeding ground for mosquitos, leading residents to become concerned for their health and the risk of West Nile Virus.

"Basically our hands are tied until the department goes through the proper procedure on the tire problem," said Dial. "I understand that they have put notices on the door, the gentleman has come up and gone. Eventually they will go through the process and somebody will be fined."

It could be up to a year or more before anything is done about the garbage that lines the rural roads of Jones County.

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